WING UK 2021 Career Transition Panel: From Oil & Gas to Geothermal

This October 3rd WING hosted the UK’s first energy transition panel session to discuss the crossover between the oil & gas and geothermal industries, and how to transition between the two.

WING’s major theme this year has been energy transition. As a community of geoscientists, they strongly believe it is their responsibility to lessen the impact of anthropogenic climate change.

The panelist included:

  • Kathryn Hayo, Interpretation Geophyicist at Schlumberger
  • Robbie Bilsland, Field Engineer at Eden Geothermal
  • Dr. Ellie MacInnes, Head of CGG Geothermal Science
  • Mark Ireland, Lecturer in Energy Geoscience at Newcastle University
  • Simon Todd, Managing Director and Chief Technologist at Causeway Geothermal