The Role of Insurance for Geothermal

We were pleased to feature in this month’s P4G’s newsletter focussing on some of P4G’s energy partnerships transforming the renewable energy transition in Africa through their rethinking of finance and energy markets.  

Roadblocks to energy access in Africa are more than a question of supply. In fact, the African continent has some of the most diverse and abundant renewable energy resources on the planet, including solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. The crux of the issue, rather, is ensuring that infrastructure, policy and the energy market are sufficiently equipped to supply diverse and geographically widespread populations with this resource.  

At GeoFutures GreenInvest, we are seeking to mobilise private sector insurance underwriting capital at scale and promote system change.

“This can only be done through collaboration and partnerships. P4G will enable these crucial partnerships with key stakeholders and influencers; providing a valuable platform to amplify the message and deliver the change the world needs.”

Julian Richardson, CEO, Parhelion

Read more about P4G’s pioneering green partnerships and scale-up partnerships in their brochure here.