Geothermal Project Finance: Business Models, Financial Instruments and Incentives

The GeoFuture GreenInvest’s project lead – Julian Richardson from Parhelion – was a key panelist on a PIVOT2021 discussion titled ‘Geothermal Project Finance: Business Models, Finance Instruments and Incentives’ on July 20 2021. The panel was moderated by Tim Lines from SPE with panelists from Rabobank, Goldman Sachs and The World Bank. 

This session deliberates on how to best derisk the geothermal project life cycle as panelists share their geothermal finance experience from around the world. While mining for oil & gas and mining for water is very similar—an important risk factor is the value of water or lack thereof as a product. An objective of the session is to see “how best can we satisfy the debt and the equity which will be the principal providers of large-scale finance for geothermal in the future.” 

To find out more, watch the whole panel session above.